School Ministry and Education.

Posted by God's planet for Haiti on 2020-04-13 14:39:54

In 2011, a Christian school was built and opened in Marmont, Hinche, Haiti in an area that had few schools.  Currently the ministry owns seven acres approximately sixty miles outside Port-A-Prince. The buildings consist of six classrooms, an office, storage area, kitchen and cafeteria, restroom, and a multipurpose building used for church services and medical clinics.  In addition, the ministry drilled a well that provides water for the school and the entire community.  Before the well, people would get water from a spring.  When the spring was dry, they had to walk five or 10 miles to get water.


Upon opening the school, only 16 students attended.  Presently, there are around 100 students, ages 3 to13, as well as teachers, a principal, a cook and janitor.  Instruction follows Haiti’s core curriculum as well as Bible teaching, English, Spanish, and world history.  Children are provided breakfast and lunch at the school.  Parent involvement is required for children to attend.


Our goal, through the continued support of donors and volunteers, is to increase the size of the school each year one grade level at a time while also creating a vocational program for students as they graduate to higher grade levels.  Through this vocational program, the students will obtain the skills needed as an adult in Haiti’s growing economy such as agriculture, plumbing, electrical, sewing, and computer skills.


We pray that as Haiti recovers and rebuilds, the children will be equipped to lead the country in a better direction and become self-sufficient for the future.  By teaching Christ’s example of the importance of giving and helping others, as adults they will continue in this pattern of living that will glorify God.


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